Upholstery Prima

Porvoonkatu 15
00510 Helsinki 51
tel. 0400 949 549

  • Quality is a matter with many aspects. In upholstery work the way the stitching, the quality of the materials or how well the work holds against time is critical. But just as important the quality of the work is, so is the quality of the style. You can find excellent craftsmen but sometimes it takes time to find one with the equal sense of the style.

  • In Prima Upholsteries the craftsmanship and quality meets each other. Wherever unique interior for a vehicle or a quality upholstery for furniture are under discussion, Lasse Slick Vänttinen is mentioned.

  • Prima Upholsteries has specialised in classic British automobile interiors as well as flamboyant American 50’s constructions. The wilder you want to go with your customizing ideas the further our needles fly. And if you run out of ideas, we have plenty to choose from.

  • Furniture are our other main branch, we do restoration upholstery for classic and modern furniture. We have also designed and produced our own line of art deco- and streamline- style couches, which shows our philosophy about the quality of workmanship and style.

  • We use the classic or modern fabrics for your seats, but you can choose custom dyed leathers or naugahydes as well. We can supply them even in pearl and metallics in most any colours you can imagine.

    For Lasse Vänttinen the upholstery work is not just a work, it is lifestyle.